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Nov 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
about this compromise and where we are. mr. speaker, saving social security and medicare is a priority that i believe both political parties share, contrary to much of what has been put out there. it is something to address in this measure. we are going to be able to save social security and medicare. creating jobs -- democrats and republicans talk about that. how is it that we will be able to do that? getting our fiscal house in order is a very important step in our quest to ensure that the people who are hurting and looking for jobs will have an opportunity to get them. sending a positive signal to the global markets that we are the world's economic, military, and deal political leader by increasing the debt ceiling, we are sending a positive signal that we will continue meeting our obligations and responsibility. at the same time, dramatically reducing spending, the problem that has gotten us to this point, is what we're doing for the first time ever. after 75 times increase in the debt ceiling, we are finally getting to the root cause. the problem is our debt. we are going to turn
Nov 27, 2012 1:00am EST
choices to the american people in two areas, jobs and medicare. house republicans made a decision. they were willing to close down the government, but they have not produced one single bill to open up small business in this country, not one to create jobs in this country. house republicans made a decision. they made a decision 20 years ago when they said they would allow medicare to wither on a vine. a fight that battle relentlessly everything -- every single day. trying to pass a ryan budget which would add $6,000 for metal costs -- medical costs for senior citizens. they made the decision going into the debate on the debt ceiling that they would rather close down the government. we are calling this accountability august. the american people are going to ask their republican members of congress everywhere they go, why did you vote to end by medicare? you could have stood with me, why did you stand with the big oil companies? when you could have protected my medicare, why did you protect corporate tax loopholes. i do not know what the -- loopholes? i do not know, but i am predicti
Nov 24, 2012 6:00am EST
medicare through, and that was the time or the country, even if you disagree with somebody, you wanted government to work. right now, we have -- [applause] i know. we have, and it is both democrats and republicans, independents, everybody, there is this feeling of "gotcha." i know something and i am going to do this and it will hurt you. rather than talking about issues and rather than saying, ok, you want this and i want that, can we not find a middle ground? can we not find a way to agree on things and do what we agree on? and we live in a glory time, and we certainly did not -- the attacking that goes on now, the attacking of the families -- that was pretty much generic. it is not very nice now. and i am glad my husband is out of politics. i would not want to be in there now. i do not envy -- one of the things that susan and i have found, and i have found this with julie and the other presidential children -- i think that we have been there. we know what it is like. to some extent, i think we try to protect each other. we sympathize. at least i have tried not to give advice to other
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3